Driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by career mums


CareerMum is a social enterprise focused on driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by mums.

It recognises the social, business and economic importance of better supporting women to resume and grow their career after starting a family, and how crucial this is to the achievement of sustainable gender diversity.

We work with businesses – providing thought leadership, strategic support, and solutions to help your business grow through gender diversity.

We work with women – supporting and empowering you on your journey of managing career and family.

We research, we listen, we learn – to experiences, new trends, challenges, and best practice. We are developing new ways to support you on your journey – in a way that is meaningful and impactful.

How can we advance workplace gender diversity if we are not supporting women to resume and grow their career?

A number of trends indicate the ‘career-versus-family’ predicament is very much alive. These trends can have a significant impact at a business and economic level, as well as at a personal level, and point to a need for greater awareness and action:

  • We are leaking and underutilising skilled talent as women drop out of the workforce after having children, or take a step back in their career.
  • Women are under-represented in senior positions, governance and in politics.
  • Educated women are having fewer children (childlessness is 18 percent for this group, compared with ten percent for women with no formal qualification).
  • Our children are spending significantly more time in childcare compared with 15 years ago.

A narrow approach to workplace gender equality, that overlooks the need to support mothers in the workplace, carries the risk of further driving these emerging trends.

CareerMum is focused on supporting businesses and women with positive solutions to overturn these trends – for social, business and economic gain.

For further insight, and statistics on these trends, view the CareerMum storyboard.

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