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Health Navigator
The Health Navigator website is rich with health related information and resources. It is owned and run by the Health Navigator Charitable Trust, and aims to provide New Zealanders with a source of trusted online health resources.
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Healthline is a free 24/7 health advice service staffed by experienced registered nurses who can provide you with health information and advice on care.

Call Healthline if you’re:
– feeling unwell – but not sure whether you need to see a doctor
– needing some advice about a family member or friend who’s sick (if you are with them)
– need information on where the nearest doctor or pharmacy is.
Call: 0800 611 116
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Healthy Living with Sian Stimson
Address: Auckland, National
Business Name: Healthy Living with Sian Stimson

Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach, Sian Stimson, is passionate about helping you to achieve your own brand of healthy living, that is unique to YOU and your family.

Leading a busy life, trying to manage the juggle, being all things to all people, plus trying to find time to keep track of your own health… Sian knows all about the reality of life!

Sian is a mum of two boys, a wife, business owner, keen trail runner, volunteer, and holistic health coach. Her own health journey was reignited in 2016, just as she turned 40. It was time to reclaim her health after having spent a decade working long hours and raising her two boys. Sian had forgotten how good it felt to be focused on herself instead of always being there and doing things for others.

Over the past few years, Sian has re-focused her energy from a successful corporate career, into helping others find their way to better health. Sian has a positive, pragmatic and down-to-earth approach that’s focused on helping clients to identify a practical approach to health that is right for them, their body and lifestyle.

Find out more about coaching sessions with Sian.
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Call: +64 22 046 9922
A website that aims to provide New Zealand parents, caregivers, family and whānau with accurate and reliable information about their children’s health.

KidsHealth is a joint initiative between the Paediatric Society of New Zealand and Starship Foundation, and is supported and funded by the Ministry of Health.
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Mother’s Helpers

Mothers’ Helpers is a charitable trust that provides support and services to women who are at-risk of, or have developed, postnatal depression.

Call: 0800 002 717
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Mothers Matter

Did you know you are entitled to 48 hours of funded in-patient post-natal care?

Mothers Matter is a campaign that aims to empower all women and their families to make an informed choice about their postnatal care.

Led by a group of committed individuals, health professionals and parents, the Mothers Matter campaign puts a spotlight on the health and well-being benefits that come from receiving the right postnatal care and a woman’s entitlement to receive up to 48 hours, funded in-patient postnatal care, regardless of where she lives or what type of birth she has had.

New Zealand Early Menopause
NZEM provides support to women throughout NZ who have experienced or are experiencing an early menopause as a result of genetic, natural or medically induced causes.
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PND Canterbury
Address: Canterbury
PND Canterbury offers support for mums who suffer from postnatal depression, anxiety and other related illnesses in the form of a support group, playgroup and online groups.

It is a registered not-for-profit charity that is governed by a Board of Trustees who volunteer their time, and operates in the Canterbury region.

For urgent or crisis mental health care, freephone 0800 920 092 (24/7)
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The Kite Program

The Kite Program is a wellbeing and professional development solution offering in-the-moment support that is customised to your journey, and delivered via an app. There are two apps available:

1. The Kite App for Mums

This offers 14 mini programs, affectionately call “Kites”. These are on a range of personal development topics that are specific challenges of mum life. These include sleep, stress management, relationships, mum guilt and coping with the juggle – to name just a few. There is even a “mum friendly” technology detox. You create your own journey, stopping and starting Kites as you wish – it’s as easy as that!

Upon download, you’re offered a 7-day free trial, with no automatic rollover. You will be notified your free trial has ended and prompted to purchase if you wish to continue your journey. The Kite App will be a one off payment (for around the cost of a paperback book) for full unlimited access. Once you purchase, it is yours to own and experience as you wish, just like a beautiful book.

Find out more about the Kite App for Mums.

2. The Kite Support App

Kite Support is a new and unique app that offers access to wellbeing content developed by experts, in response to Covid-19. It has been designed to give wellbeing support, and offers essential skills to adapt and develop resilience during times of change and uncertainty.

Subscriptions to Kite Support are for one year, and allows you to access learning modules that interest you, at your own pace (see the full list here). The learning modules cover: ‘personal wellbeing’, ‘social wellbeing’, ‘learning through change’, and ‘new ways of working.’

Find out more about the Kite Support App.

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