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Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN)
Address: National

The Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN) exists to increase the number of women in leadership roles, grow the visibility of women, and to provide a networking and support group for women in the infrastructure sector. In partnership with Infrastructure NZ, WIN hosts events, advocates for greater representation of women in the sector, and provides opportunities and tools, such as its LinkedIn site.

The Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN), was launched by Infrastructure NZ in October 2016. Membership is free to affiliated companies / an annual fee applies for individual membership.

Find out more at infrastructure.org.nz

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Global Women

Global Women is a collaboration of New Zealand’s most influential women leaders promoting inclusion and diversity for improved societal and economic growth. Global Women empowers leaders with the support and tools they need to drive forward diversity and inclusion.

Find out more at globalwomen.org.nz

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Call: 09 300 6348
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Government Women’s Network (GWN)

The Government Women’s Network (GWN) is a professional employee-led network that works to create a step change focused on enabling all women in the public sector to achieve their potential. It offers resources, events, and a voice for women.

Network representatives provide a link between each government agency and GWN.

Find out more at gwn.govt.nz

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Jayne Chater – Leadership Coach
Address: Auckland, National
Business Name: Altris Reconnect Coaching

Over the last decade Jayne Chater has worked with 100’s of women and has found the more women she has worked with, the more consistent their concerns have been. She found that for working mothers, it was useful to hear that “you are not alone”, and there are others that feel like you feel, that have the internal critic, that worry about career progression and being “successful” and have mother’s guilt.

It is working mothers that typically find they are the ones trying to do everything for everyone else, and forget about their own needs and wellbeing in the process.

When Jayne’s family grew to three children, her depth and passion for supporting mothers returning to work also grew. Managing multiple children and taking periods of time away from progressing your career can bring further challenges and concerns. It was during this time Jayne realised the value in also supporting organisations and managers of working mothers, to tackle the issues from a wider perspective.

“I feel it is vital to support mothers going on leave, returning to work and managing their career long-term.”

Jayne is focused on working with organisations to retain talented employees and provide career opportunities through which both the organisation and individuals continue to grow.

Find out more at www.reconnect.coach

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Call: 021 779 967
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Kiwi Business Chicks
Address: Christchurch
Christchurch based networking group for women in business.
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New Zealand Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW) Incorporated
BPW aims to improve the quality of life for all women and girls. … BPW NZ enables women to develop strong networks locally, nationally and internationally.
There are several BPW clubs across New Zealand. Contact details: http://bpwnz.org.nz/index.php/club-contact-details/
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On Being Bold
Business Name: On Being Bold

On Being Bold is an online collective developed by women for women. It has been created to capture and share the personal lives and career journeys of prominent New Zealand business leaders, and sets out to highlight that the squiggly line connecting home life and career is anything but straight-forward.

The nine female founders – Dame Therese Walsh, Joan Withers, Cathy Quinn, Dame Paula Rebstock, Alison Gerry, Jolie Hodson, Silvana Schenone, Royal Reed, and Frances Valintine – cross multiple business disciplines and fields of expertise. All have governance experience, with many contributing to some of New Zealand’s most prominent organisations.

All nine women believe that there is much to be learned from those who have battled a variety of challenges on their way to the top.

On Being Bold is dedicated to women at all stages of their lives and careers – and aims to become a community where women will find inspiration, knowledge and a few life learnings.

Access to insights is via membership ($15/month or $99.95/year) – this allows you to access on-stage and in-depth video interviews from the 2018 Being Bold Conference where 800 New Zealand women came together to hear the wise words of experience, and the trials and tribulations that were faced on their journeys.

Members also receive regular updates from a wide range of business women – from lawyers to bankers, designers to entrepreneurs.



Professionelle is a not-for-profit network specialising in developing highly relevant, tailored offerings for women keen to progress their careers. Offline, Professionelle offers research-based networking seminars both in-house to corporate and professional service partners, and also publicly.

Find out more at professionelle.org.nz

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Business Women’s network and professional development, with clubs and events operating across New Zealand.
Contact details: http://www.venusclubs.co.nz/contact-venus/
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Women Leaders Institute

Since 2012, the Women Leaders Institute has developed a safe and supportive space for emerging and established women leaders to be inspired, grow and connect across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We want to continue working with passion to inspire action and drive meaningful change in our communities to advance women in leadership.

Through our range of events and gatherings, it focuses on business empowerment, leadership and career advancement for emerging and established women leaders. Women from all industries come together to learn and be inspired by successful leaders, and gain the tools and inspiration needed to take the next step in their career to become confident and effective leaders.

Regardless of gender or role – whether you are a board director, CEO, senior or middle manager, entrepreneur or emerging leader, the Women Leaders Institute strives to provide you with platforms and opportunities to connect with like-minded women and men, expand your network and build upon your leadership skills.

Find out more at womenleadersinstitute.org

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