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The Kite Program

The Kite Program

The Kite Program is a wellbeing and professional development solution offering in-the-moment support that is customised to your journey, and delivered via an app. There are two apps available:

1. The Kite App for Mums

This offers 14 mini programs, affectionately call “Kites”. These are on a range of personal development topics that are specific challenges of mum life. These include sleep, stress management, relationships, mum guilt and coping with the juggle – to name just a few. There is even a “mum friendly” technology detox. You create your own journey, stopping and starting Kites as you wish – it’s as easy as that!

Upon download, you’re offered a 7-day free trial, with no automatic rollover. You will be notified your free trial has ended and prompted to purchase if you wish to continue your journey. The Kite App will be a one off payment (for around the cost of a paperback book) for full unlimited access. Once you purchase, it is yours to own and experience as you wish, just like a beautiful book.

Find out more about the Kite App for Mums.

2. The Kite Support App

Kite Support is a new and unique app that offers access to wellbeing content developed by experts, in response to Covid-19. It has been designed to give wellbeing support, and offers essential skills to adapt and develop resilience during times of change and uncertainty.

Subscriptions to Kite Support are for one year, and allows you to access learning modules that interest you, at your own pace (see the full list here). The learning modules cover: ‘personal wellbeing’, ‘social wellbeing’, ‘learning through change’, and ‘new ways of working.’

Find out more about the Kite Support App.

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