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Little Learners

Little Learners
Business Name: Little Learners

Little Learners is a Facebook community developed by Kirsty Foster – experienced early childhood teacher, primary teacher, and mum of three.

Kirsty has over 15 years of experience in the education sector, where she has worked with children and families in a range of settings, namely: ECE centres, kindergartens, RIE centres, Montessori centres, home-based care and primary schools.

She is passionate about developing empowered, respected and connected life-long learners through agile/play based learning philosophies.

Throughout her educational experiences, Kirsty has developed and refined an extensive repertoire of tools, strategies and resources to resolve many of the challenges that little learners may exhibit.

Kirsty shares her knowledge and experience through the Little Learners Facebook community, offers a wide range of resources on her website, and also offers customised support for parents and early childhood education establishments.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/littlelearnersplay.

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