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Healthy Living with Sian Stimson

Healthy Living with Sian Stimson
Business Name: Healthy Living with Sian Stimson

Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach, Sian Stimson, is passionate about helping you to achieve your own brand of healthy living, that is unique to YOU and your family.

Leading a busy life, trying to manage the juggle, being all things to all people, plus trying to find time to keep track of your own health… Sian knows all about the reality of life!

Sian is a mum of two boys, a wife, business owner, keen trail runner, volunteer, and holistic health coach. Her own health journey was reignited in 2016, just as she turned 40. It was time to reclaim her health after having spent a decade working long hours and raising her two boys. Sian had forgotten how good it felt to be focused on herself instead of always being there and doing things for others.

Over the past few years, Sian has re-focused her energy from a successful corporate career, into helping others find their way to better health. Sian has a positive, pragmatic and down-to-earth approach that’s focused on helping clients to identify a practical approach to health that is right for them, their body and lifestyle.

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Business Location: Auckland, National
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