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Triple P Parenting

Triple P Parenting

Triple P offers parenting programmes and other services to support parents, children and teenagers.

Triple P is a world-acclaimed parenting programme that started out life in New Zealand more than four decades ago. It has now helped more than four million children and their families in more than 25 countries.

Triple P gives parents a choice of simple strategies they can adapt to suit their own family’s needs – to build better relationships and manage behaviour.

There are dozens of different types of Triple P programmes in the Triple P system – and we offer them all at the Triple P Centre.

You can choose from:

Triple P is also available in group courses, one-to-one sessions and online.

Check out the Triple P group courses and sessions currently scheduled by the Triple P Centre or call them directly on 09 579 1794 to book a private session or course.

Find out more at www.triplep-parenting.net.nz

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