Driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by career mums

Business Support

CareerMum supports businesses to realise the social, business and economic importance of supporting mothers in the workplace.

We use our expertise and experience to guide businesses with what can be a delicate topic – to help you attract, retain and grow talented women.

CareerMum is a social enterprise, and our work with businesses operates as a profit-for-purpose model. Our profits are channelled towards developing a not-for-profit programme of events and initiatives to support women on their journey of managing career alongside family.

How CareerMum supports your business

CareerMum offers expertise to help your business support and empower mothers in the workplace, and to help you be a leader for change. We’ll support you with:

  • Thought leadership – knowledge, insights and resources to broaden perspectives, and support your gender diversity journey.
  • Business assessment – we’ll give you an assessment of where you’re at with your gender diversity journey, and provide opportunities for progress.
  • Customised support – from one-off advice to full strategy development, CareerMum can help you engage and empower mothers in your workplace, and achieve impactful and sustainable gains with gender diversity.
  • Solutions – the CareerMum Network provides an effective channel for businesses, big and small, to access support for mothers in the workplace. Tap into the Network as it is, or get in touch to discuss customised packages using the skills and expertise of the Network.

Better support for mothers to progress their career
can drive significant social, business and economic gain,
as well as being a crucial enabler of sustainable gender diversity.

How gender diversity can benefit your business

There are many business benefits that can be realised with enhanced workplace gender diversity. These include:

  • Enhanced talent acquisition and retention.
  • Better business performance – including increased productivity, improved financial performance, greater innovation, and improved customer satisfaction.

A smart approach to gender diversity can also lead to social and economic gain.

Did you know that…

  • Eighty-three percent of organisations are experiencing talent shortage, yet we are leaking talent.
  • Educated women are less likely to have children (and more likely to have children later in life) than other groups in society.
  • Our children are spending longer in childcare.
  • Women have outnumbered male graduates for over a decade, yet hold fewer than one in five senior roles.
  • study by Westpac valued gender diversity at $881 million to the New Zealand economy.

Businesses are crucial enablers of step-change…

Get in touch to discuss how CareerMum can support you on this journey.