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Supporting mothers in the workplace crosses many lenses of diversity and inclusion, beyond gender equality, and is crucial to achieving sustainable headway with your D&I strategy.

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Diversity Mapping for business

Diversity Mapping

What’s working well? And what are the opportunities for progress in your business?
Diversity mapping provides a comprehensive assessment of diversity and inclusion in your workplace, and a baseline to measure progress. A great way to inform your strategy, whether you’re starting out with D&I, or already on the journey. Can be focused on gender diversity or a wider D&I lens.

Solution Development for business

Solution Development

Experiencing road blocks, or a lack of progress, is common. This offering will help you to maintain momentum by diagnosing the barriers you’re facing, and co-developing solutions that drive meaningful and sustainable gains with your diversity and inclusion journey.

Comms Support for business

Comms Support

Effective communication of your D&I strategy will lift the engagement of your team, stakeholders and prospective employees. This offering guides the what, when, how, and why to communicate.

Customised support for business

Customised Support

From one-off advice to full strategy development, providing the support you need to achieve impactful and sustainable gains with gender diversity.

With talent shortages projected to become more severe in much of the developed and developing world, maximising access to female talent is a strategic imperative for business.

– World Economic Forum

The CareerMum Network – a great resource for employers…

From career coaching to wellbeing experts, sleep consultants, domestic services, and so much more… the CareerMum Network showcases over 80 professionals and services to help parents identify and access the support they need across the categories of ‘career support’, ‘health and wellbeing’ and ‘personal support.’

The CareerMum Network opens up new possibilities for employers by offering a modern and empowering approach to offering support that allows employees to identify and access the right support for them – whatever that may be – that will help drive professional success….

Career Support - CareerMum Network
Health and Wellbeing
Personal Support


The business case for change

Why forward-looking businesses are prioritising gender diversity If ever there was a compelling business case, gender diversity has it all. There…

We have never lived in a genuinely equitable and inclusive world. And we will fail to experience it within our lifetime without courage and ambition to break new ground.