Driving positive solutions to workplace challenges faced by career mums

CareerMum Network – building accessible support for mums


CareerMum has launched a network dedicated to supporting women on their journey of managing career alongside family.

The network aims to make it easier for women to access the support they need by:

  • Showcasing talented professionals who are passionate about supporting and empowering women, and who offer skills and services that respond to the common challenges experienced by career mums.
  • Offering an extensive directory of useful services and resources available to support and empower women, mothers and families – enabling communities of support to be identified quickly and easily.

A key resource for businesses

The CareerMum Network also opens up new possibilities for businesses, big and small – by offering a channel for businesses to offer customised, meaningful support to their employees.

This new resource stems from research of the challenges women commonly experience on their journey of managing career and family, and recognition that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Women typically face numerous, broad challenges, that can evolve through different stages of parenting, from early years through to teens. The challenges span professional, health and wellbeing, and personal needs, and all play a part in the experiences of women as they navigate career and family.

CareerMum is therefore driven to ensure women are able to access the support they need at the time they need it, and to equip businesses with a way of positively impacting the experiences of mothers in their workplace.

The Network will continue to grow…

Watch this space as the number of professionals and services continues to grow, bringing you more opportunities to access the support you need on your journey – regardless of geography, employment status, or what stage of parenting you’re at .

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CareerMum Support for Women

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