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Mothers in the Workplace: Insights and Perspectives (full report)

Mothers in the Workplace – Insights and Perspectives presents the findings of a survey carried out by CareerMum. The survey aimed to better understand the challenges facing women as they manage career alongside family, and to learn from examples of best practice.

The survey identified a number of key insights, including common challenges, key factors that influence the career experiences of mothers, and opportunities to provide better support.

It is hoped and anticipated that this information provides rich insight to support an improvement to the career landscape for mothers, and provides a valuable perspective of the social, business and economic importance of supporting women to resume and grow their career after taking time out to start a family.

CareerMum survey

One-page summary of findings

The findings are contributing towards the development of a number of CareerMum initiatives that will support both businesses and career mums.

CareerMum wishes to express sincere thanks to the respondents of the survey.


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