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Public Libraries of New Zealand

Local libraries are a great source of resources and opportunities to support your personal and parenting journey.

Public Libraries of New Zealand is the peak body for the public library sector. You can use this site to search for your local library.

In addition to publications, an example of services that could be available through your library include:
– Parent and child sessions (e.g. story time, rhyme time)
– Kids programmes – particularly during the school holidays
– Career Support – sometimes run by the Citizens Advice Bureau, CV support, etc.
– Skills development sessions.

Check out your local library’s website for specific information on services.

Parent to Parent
Address: Nationwide

Parent to Parent is a nationwide not-for-profit organisation formed in 1983 by parents and professionals to support the families of babies, children, teens and adults with any type of disability or health impairment.

Parent to Parent’s eleven branches and national office in Hamilton help families across New Zealand by informing, educating, inspiring and supporting, as they navigate their way through experiences with disability.

Services, including Altogether Autism and Care Matters, are all free and confidential.

Call: 0508 236 236
La Leche League
Questions or worries about breastfeeding? La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have been trained to provide information and support for breastfeeding. Help can be given over the phone, via their informal meetings, or ask a question via text, email or social media. There is also a monthly Facebook meeting.
Contact is via an email contact form, or get in touch with your local leader – find all the details here: https://lalecheleague.org.nz/get-help/
Domestic support services available to book online – including home cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, gardening, landscape, appliance repair and maintenance, and odd jobs. Also includes commercial cleaning.
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Fertility NZ

Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.

It offers a network of regular support gatherings, workshops and contact groups throughout the country; an 0800 line and email address for enquiries, and infertility forums on its website where members can provide support to one another.

Fertility NZ also offers publications and information videos.

Cerebral Palsy Society
Address: National

The Cerebral Palsy Society is a member-based organisation that strives to enhance the lives of people with cerebral palsy in New Zealand by providing programmes, support and advice – which support New Zealander’s with cerebral palsy (CP) at all ages and stages.

The programmes and services available to members range from vouchers to subsidised taxi travel and physical activities, to grants, member events and support networks.

Gemma Overton is the Family Support Manager, and can be contacted on 022 348 7427. Gemma has a child with CP, and is passionate about supporting other families experiencing cerebral palsy.

Call: 0800 503 603 / 022 348 7427
Breastfeeding Peer Supporters
Address: Helensville

Breastfeeding Peer Supporters (also called Breastfeeding Peer Counsellors) are volunteers who provide non-judgmental information and support on the normal course of breastfeeding, overcoming common barriers and breastfeeding challenges. They are available for support via Facebook, text, phone, email, at Helensville Birthing Centre coffee mornings, and occasionally home visits.

Peer Supporters are not medical professionals, but are volunteers trained to provide information and support with common challenges to the normal course of breastfeeding.

Helensville Breastfeeding Peer supporters help women across New Zealand.

Breastfeeding peer supporters can be contacted:

Breastfeeding NZ

Breastfeeding New Zealand is a Facebook page where breastfeeding mothers, soon to be breastfeeding mothers and family and friends of breastfeeding mothers can come to share experiences, find out information and get support.
Its goal is to make breastfeeding a natural and normal part of everyday life.

BreastFed NZ

BreastFed NZ is an app designed to provide simple ‘in the moment’ support and information to help women and their babies, alongside their partners and support networks, achieve their breastfeeding goals from birth to weaning.

The app includes personal stories and photos from mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey, as well as links to other networks and organisations for further information.

Address: Auckland, Online
Business Name: YouMums

YouMums is a social enterprise developing a combination of online and in-person sessions to help you access expert advice or mum-to-mum inspiration to guide you along your journey as a Mother. These sessions are via intimate group webinars or workshops to help you gain access to advice in a more affordable and convenient way.

Founder Claire Thiveyrat is passionate about improving the maternal care landscape for women, and creating opportunities to ensure all women have access to support and advice. Her journey with YouMums is new, but rapidly evolving. You can follow her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/YouMums/